girlpuppy Shares “I Want To Be There,” Latest Single From Her Debut LP

Girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) has shared “I Want To Be There,” the second single from her debut LP, When I’m Alone, out Oct. 28 on Royal Mountain Records. The album, produced by Slow Pulp member Henry Stoehr and Alex G guitarist Sam Acchione, captures what Harvey describes as her “Bella era” (a reference to Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga), as she struggles with being on her own.

Her latest offering from the album, “I Want To Be There,” is an acoustic-heavy pivot into folk-pop. As Harvey laments, “So sick of being alone / Tell me where’d all of my friends go? / I want to be there in two places / All at once,” it feels like an emotional tug of war as her heart gets yanked in different directions. The swift guitars act as a rip-current, pulling Harvey deeper into a malaise that leaves her wrestling to find the right words and unable to leave her bed. Stripping away excuses and confronting her feelings of loneliness head-on, Harvey distills the discomfort of being forced to face yourself.

“I wrote ‘I Want To Be There’ about the pain I felt when my old landlord kicked me and three of my best friends out of our dream home, and all three of my roommates moved to New York,” Harvey explains. “I was left all alone in Atlanta and it was a really bad time for me. I was jobless and I felt like I had no friends which made me wonder what was wrong with me, which kind of made me spiral into self-hatred. I like to call this one the ‘self hate anthem’ of the album.”

Check out the music video for “I Want To Be There,” edited by Evan Lewis, below.