serpentwithfeet Releases “On Air” via Moby’s Always Centered at Night

The unlikely pairing of serpentwithfeet and Moby present “On Air,” the former’s new song released via the latter’s new label. Only the second release on Moby’s Always Centered at Night, the ethereal “On Air” is accompanied by a video co-directed by Moby and Mike Formanski.

The song plays to the strengths of both artists, pairing serpentwithfeet’s singular voice with Moby’s lush production. Luminous piano lays the foundation for “On Air” before handclaps and serpentwithfeet’s scene-setting vocal (“7 a.m. and the sun is hidden”) propel the song forward. Distant, dragging percussion maintains its momentum into its swelling, string-accented choruses, in which serpentwithfeet declares, “It’s been a minute since I’ve seen you smile / But I believe in us, somehow,” his vocal hook amplified as rhythmic echoes.

“One of the greatest things about Always Centered at Night is working with remarkable singers,” says Moby in a statement. “serpentwithfeet has an approach to music and vocals that I find to be fascinating and beautiful.”

Always Centered at Night launched earlier this year, debuting with the release of “Medusa,” a collaboration between Moby and Grammy-nominated Doja Cat collaborator Aynzli Jones.

Watch the “On Air” video below and hear a 2011 Moby performance from the Paste archives further down.