Ziemba Shares Video for New Single “Power of Love”

Ziemba, the project of René Kladzyk, dropped a new single “Power of Love,” along with a passionate music video. The song follows the release of “Harbor Me,” “True Romantic” and “If I’m Being Honest” from her forthcoming album True Romantic, out on Sept. 25 via Sister Polygon.

Listening to “Power of Love” is anything but a passive experience. The song starts off modestly before the heartfelt chorus hits: “I wanna love you ‘til the end of time / I wanna be the real thing / Whether you like it or not, I know better / I wanna hear your voice / I wanna bear witness through the power of my love for you,” she sings. Her life experiences that influenced this song shine through in all the right ways.

Ziemba said of the new track:

It’s funny how the meaning of a song can change long after it’s written. That happened for me with ‘Power of Love.’ I originally wrote ‘Power of Love’ in a moment of desperate anguish over a person who didn’t treat me very well, someone who is thankfully no longer in my life. But when I was mixing it with Don Godwin, I kept thinking about how excited I was for my Dad to hear it. Out of any song on the album, this one is the sort of high drama pop ballad that he loves. But then my Dad suddenly passed away this winter, and this ended up being one of the songs on the album that he never heard.

Watch the video for “Power of Love,” filmed by Andrew Jara, below.