Harmless Shares New Single “Hannah Don’t Lurk”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Nacho Cano, who records as Harmless, has shared a new single “Hannah Don’t Lurk.” It follows his EP Condiciones, which premiered at Paste earlier this year and was featured in our list of best EPs of 2020 so far.

On “Hannah Don’t Lurk,” Cano reassures us that we’re stronger than our moments of weakness. The downtempo track is marked by Cano’s glazed vocals and echoing drum machine beats. “You fell in love / They took it all / Hey you, forget about it,” Cano sings.

According to Cano, the song was “inspired by the mid 2000’s summery and melancholic chill wave scene” and by his friend, Hannah, “who kept lurking her ex’s IG profiles since she couldn’t distract herself in other ways while quarantined.”

Listen to “Hannah Don’t Lurk” below.