US-based #iVoted Festival 2022 announces first round of artists including Run The Jewels, Lil Nunni, Lil’ Scrappy, & more

#iVoted Festival, which built the largest single night digital concert in history in 2020, is back for the 2022 US midterms. #iVoted Festival 2022 will take place virtually on Election Day in the United States, November 8. Fans RSVP to access the Mandolin hosted stream with a selfie from outside their polling place or at home with their blank and unmarked ballot. Underage fans RSVP by letting #iVoted Festival know what election they will be 18 for and why they’re excited to vote. Non-citizens and ineligible voters can RSVP by letting the group know which artist they’re most excited to check out. The RSVP portal opens later this year and fans can sign up for the festival’s email list to be alerted.

The 100% women-led non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit voter turnout group has unveiled over 250 artists for #iVoted Festival 2022’s election night webcast. Talent is booked per the data of the top streaming and trending artists in key states whose electoral margins are often decided by the size of a concert venue. Highlights include Run the Jewels, Lake Street Dive, CNCO, Carl Craig, Rise Against, Umphrey’s McGee, Lil’ Scrappy, Halestorm, Jamby El Favo, Shakey Graves, An Exclusive Video Message from Piper Perabo, 3OH!3, DeVotchKa, Yonder Mountain String Band, Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup, The Suffers, Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union Of Souls, Doll Skin, Lotus, Twiztid, The Starting Line, Duane Betts, ACRAZE and more.

Per Billboard on #iVoted Festival’s work, “The initiative, which launched in 2018, is admirable given that young people in the U.S. are more likely to attend live music events (53% of teens and 63% millennials, Nielsen Music 360 report) than vote (35.6% for 18-29 and 48.8% for 30-44 in 2018, US Census).” #iVoted Festival bridges this gap and increases turnout by meeting potential voters where they already are.

#iVoted Festival is also announcing new board members including Run the Jewels’ Co-Manager Amaechi Uzoigwe, Live Nation’s Jay Byrd, Biz 3’s Kathryn Frazier and Dana Meyerson, as well as SongHero CEO and former Blondie touring keyboardist Kevin Patrick along with LOUD Capital CMO and former Vans Warped Tour drummer Brian Penick. They join previously announced board members Kevin Lyman, Evangeline Elder of Roc Nation, Mandolin CEO Mary Kay Huse, Joyce Dollinger, Steve Ferguson, tenured M.I.T. Economist Jon Gruber, Kennita Hickman, WNYC’s Rebecca Kennedy, Lyte’s Lawrence Peryer, and Melanie Shark.

The group is simultaneously launching The #iVoted Festival Podcast, with the first episode out now, where Founder and CEO Emily White interviews voting experts and artists performing at the event. The podcast takes listeners through the journey of voting, from registration to researching one’s ballot, leading to turning out and tuning in for #iVoted Festival 2022 on Election Day. The debut episode, supported by Songtrust, features #iVoted Festival alum and 2022 artist Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee along with board member and Billboard Hip-Hop Power Player Jay Byrd of Live Nation. Additional episodes are split into two themes: a guide for listeners through the election year paired with interviews of #iVoted Festival 2022 artists from and trending in key states. Episode two’s “There’s No Democracy Without Your Participation” features artists from and trending in North and South Carolina. This is followed by episode three, “Check Your Registration!” with Amanda Hollowell, National Organizing Director at Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote and spotlights #iVoted Festival 2022 artists from and trending in Pennsylvania. The podcast drops twice a month wherever you listen.

All #iVoted Festival 2022 participating artists / talent announced today include:

13Five, 2 In a Room, 3OH!3, 570JV, 69 Boyz, A Day Without Love, A$H, ACRAZE, Afton Wolfe, AJ Smith, Alex Kautz, American Dinosaur, Amuka, Amy Correa Bell, Anna Storm, Annie Elise, Atura, Austin Daniel, Banana Biz, Bear Ghost, Beatallica, Belaganas, Biagio, Botany, Brother Hawk, Bruce Sudano, Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle, Camera Cult, Canton Jones, Carl Craig, Casely, Casey Donahew, CerVon Campbell, Cha Wa, Chandeen, Charley Young, Charlie Brown Superstar, Chavar Dontae, Chaz Roi, Chiasm, Chrissy I-Eece, Christopher Marciano, Citrus Clouds, Clare McCullough, Clipper Erickson, Cloe Wilder, CNCO, Connor Desai, Copperstone, Corina, Crawdad Republic, Crime & the City Solution, Crystal Bowersox, Cullah, D-Man, Daisy The Great, Dallas String Quartet, Danny Schmidt, David Perrico-Pop Strings Orchestra, Davis Sisters, Dead Horses, Deana Carter, Delta Rae, Demi The Daredevil, DETØX, Devon, DeVotchKa, Digital Spyda, Diskull, DJ Marc Money, Doll Skin, Don Welch, Dorren Pierre, Douglas Wayne, Duane Betts, Dylan Holland, Dysplay, Ekonovah, Elijah Wolf, Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union Of Souls, Emiko, Emile Pandolfi, Ethan Martin, Fans of Jimmy Century, Farrah Mechael, Faun Flora, FELONI, Fer Balzaretti, Fitch Means, Franky Perez, G Premacy, Gabe Kubanda, Gene The Werewolf, George Lamond, glimmers, Gordon Goodwin, Halestorm, Haley Gold, Hannah Abrahim, Harry and the Hootenannies, Hedonistas, Here Come The Mummies, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, IAMCOUCHSURF, Ike Rhein, ill.gates, Imagination Movers, IRIS, j solomon, Jackie Venson, Jackson Pines, Jaclyn Friedman, Jamby El Favo, Jamie Lynn Vessels, Jamie Woodfin Jr., Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup, Jay Matthews, Jaypitts, JClay, JD Eicher, Jeffrey Gaines, Jennifer Higdon, Jessica, Meuse, Jimmy Flair, Jocelyn Enriquez, John Paul Roney, Joseph Gallo, Juan Cosby, Kayleigh Goldsworthy, Kaylin Roberson, Kevin Daniel, KT The Legend, KuchiCola, La Bouche, Lake Street Drive, Laura Rain and the Caesars, Lauren Calve, LAVAHI, Lena Natalia, Lex, Lexis Yelïs, Lil Brozed, Lil Nunni, Lil’ Scrappy, Lizdelise, Lords of the Trident, Lotus, Lucas Prata, Luna Luna, Lyncs, Maggie Szabo, Manu Manzo, Mara Connor, Mason Embers, Mean Lady, Melanie Shark, Messer, Messyah Way, Mie, Mikaela, Miss Christine, Modern Lamps, Molly Burch, Moon Walker, morgxn, Morning Bear, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Munchii, Neon Hitch, NEV, Nick Shoulders, Nikki Hill, Noèl Scales, Noelle Chiodo, NurryDog, Of The Dell, Opal Canyon, Past Time Perfect, Patricia Vonne, Penny Billionaires, People Who Could Fly, Piper Perabo, Plastic Lemonade, Pls Pls Me, Pretty Decent, Quad City DJ’s, Quaz, Queen Khamyra, Quiet Evenings, Reb Creezy, Rebecca Loebe, Red Rose Panic, Reel 2 Real f. The Mad Stuntman, Revenge Wife, Riccardo Perotti, Rise Against, RiSi, Robin S., Rögg Collins, Rozzi, Run The Jewels, Sam Pomerantz, Sam Robbins, Sandra Esparza, Schuz, Scro, Sean G., Shakey Graves, Shiragirl, Shlump, southstate, Stanton Moore, Stockz, Summer Salt, Tatiana Owens, Taylor Scott Band, The Accidentals, The Blasting Company, The Carolyn, The Early Sixes, The Great Enough, The Hacky Turtles, The Hamiltones, The Han Solo Project, The Happy Fits, The Haunt, The Lovely Ones, The One Eighties, The Other Favorites, The Range, The Relics, The Rift, The Rockets, The Solo King, The Starting Line, The Suffers, The Txlips Band, The Velvicks, The Vindys, Theolodge, Thomas LaVine, Thornetta Davis, Tim Woodson & The Heirs of Harmony, TIOGA, Todd Duda, Todd Kerns, Tommy Marz feat. Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins), Travers, Brothership, Trevor Douglas, Turbo B of SNAP!, Turn Zero, Twiztid, Umphrey’s McGee, Vaedynn, Vandarth, Veronica Jackson, Vinyl Theater, Vipid, Wanda Dee of The KLF, Whitney Peyton, whoisGLDN, Wild Fire, Wild Harbors, Wood Willow, WROSE, Yacht Rock Revue, Yonder Mountain String Band, Young Culture, ZEVRO, and Ziggy Lovah.