No Jumper presents the Guerilla Black Interview: Compton, Biggie comparisons, serving time & more

No Jumper and host Adam22 present their new interview with rapper Guerilla Black. The Chicago-born, Compton-raised artist discusses the Biggie comparisons from early on in his career, his relationship with the late Nipsey Hussle, credit card fraud, serving nine years, and more.

“Guerilla Black talks about getting out of jail few months ago, his close relationship with Nipsey, showing love to DMX, his old label pushing the Biggie comparison narrative and more!”

Guerilla Black is currently promoting his new three-track EP, Guerilla Black, Vol. 2, which was released on June 4 via Dolla Figga Elite.

Guerilla Black, Vol. 2 is available on Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms.

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