Steve Edwards Breaks New Grounds With “Colour Of Blood”

Steve Edwards pulls out the big guns for his debut release track “Colour Of Blood.” The song is straight out of his upcoming album Born, which is sure to dazzle fans just as much, if not more.

The song is a true modern rock ballad that elegantly presents Steve’s artistic fantasy and top-tier musicality. He perceives a strong desire to connect to his audience by sharing his real life experiences.

This is a sultry deep tune with a rolling bassline and groovy percussion that keeps listeners locked in from the start. In addition, the vocal hook is what captivates the track and keeps it going on a smooth sailing adventure of harmony.

His absorbing methodology is shared in every nuance and mixes perfect notes with every turn. Portrayed by his talents, Steve Edwards enjoys guiding listeners on an eclectic journey, at times boundless to genres.

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