Toronto-based Lavi$h enlists Dbo to direct new visuals for “I Got It”

Lavi$h enlists Dbo to direct new visuals for I Got It

Lavi$h (Photo: Supplied)

Raised in Winnipeg, and based in Toronto, budding artist Lavi$h closed out 2020 with the release of his latest video, “I Got It.”

The video, directed by Dbo, opens with Lavi$h as a mechanic. Although he knows he’s “Got It” as an artist, Lavi$h feels underrated/unappreciated. He knows that with consistency and hard work, his talents will be recognized. As he bites the apple just over a minute into the clip, the outfit and environment change into where he feels he belongs. That place is in front of lights, cameras, and on the receiving end of praise.


Scene from the “I Got It” video

The Soul-O-produced “I Got It” was Lavi$h’s fifth song of 2020, and has been streamed over 52K times to date on Spotify. The song was engineered by Eestbound and LaGuil, and mastered by Mike Smith.

Along with Spotify, you can find the track on various other streaming platforms including Apple Music via Club BLVD.

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