The Legend Adam Bomb enlists Frankie Payne for “5 Shots of Whiskey” single & video

Our Song of the Day is the latest single from JUNO Award-winning rapper, The Legend Adam Bomb.

Produced by The Russian Futurists and featuring Frankie Payne, “5 Whots of Whiskey” was released with fresh visuals powered by director, Dan Jardine of Boom Shoal Enterprises.

“But I do other shit for money, my purpose is pain
and Peace of mind that’s why I don’t compete for shine
I’ll seek attention when that’s something you can leave behind
til then I’m outta reach like I’m 3 foot 9
So either find a seat or find your teeth to get ’em realigned
Violence withdrawals, survivor of riots and brawls
The livest that ever resided on this side of the Falls
I’ll let ’em hate but send a threat and sayonara
Eh yo- Don’t make me resurrect the Empire on ya”
– Adam Bomb

You can find “5 Whots of Whiskey” on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms. You can also find the song on our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

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