Montréal’s Nate Husser enlists Mick Jenkins, Jean Deaux & Eva Shaw for Adult Supervision

Nate Husser, the self-proclaimed LeBron James of Montreal hip-hop, has released his new EP, Adult Supervision.

Consisting of eight tracks, Husser recruited a variety of established artists for the EP, including critically acclaimed Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins. On “Teriyaki,” the pair ooze confidence over a simplistic flute melody and rhythmic drum breaks. Adult Supervision also features Jean Deaux and Eva Shaw for the aggressive 808 driving “Sleep Like A Baby,” which just received video support on June 22nd.

The EP was initially teased by various lead singles such as “Iced Out Baby-G,” which was released back in November 2020, and “JELLY,” which featured accompanying visuals from Philip Chenard.

When asked about the expectation of the project through an interview with Flaunt, Nate reassured fans that there would be something for everyone:

“You can expect a lot more of me, some bangers. You can expect a lot more of everything: a lot of sexiness, a lot of turnup, a lot of stories. My story that people aren’t familiar with or aware of, the shit that goes on over here on my side.”

The newly released project follows Husser’s 2017 EP, Geto Rock for the Youth, which featured fan favourites like “Catherine” and “Paintings for the Blind (Millions).”

Adult Supervision has currently surpassed over 500,000 streams on Spotify. Along with Spotify, you can find the EP on Apple Music and various other digital streaming platforms via +1 Records / EMPIRE.

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