KingMizoMadeIt’s new “Mad King” video lets you dance to the revolution

Toronto’s own KingMizoMadeIt has officially released his latest single and video, “Mad King.”

The Upside Beats-produced “Mad King” is a single that is being released with Sky Hayward and Mizo-powered visuals that will captivate any viewer. It’s a work of art that displays fresh, creative and comedic ways to address taboo subjects. The upbeat cadence, the visuals of #Afrobreak founders deliver a choreographed dance for the video while one of KingMizo’s many characters take the forefront providing comedic relief.

KingMizoMadeIt on the set of the “Mad King” video

“My music has always been about current events, systemic issues and self healing,” said Mizo, who is currently based in Vancouver.

“During these pandemic times in our modern history which is mixed with systemic division and miscommunications, I felt the need to make people laugh. Lets dance, lets laugh, lets start a revolution.”

“Mad King” is about eliminating fascism, while it is delivered with a cadence that lets the listener dance to the revolution. This single takes a mixed electronic-rap genre stance.

You can find “Mad King” on Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms. The exclusive NFT is set to drop on May 30 (stay tuned for the link).

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