Genius: Icewear Vezzo “Up The Sco” Official Lyrics & Meaning

Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo is the latest artist featured on the Verified series by Genius. Vezzo breaks down the lyrics for his Rocaine-produced and Lil Durk-assisted hit single, “Up The Sco.”

Icewear Vezzo has dropped several singles so far this year, but “Up The Sco,” his collaboration with Lil Durk, is clearly one of the standouts. The music video has been viewed more than 5.8 million times on YouTube since it dropped in April. On the latest episode of Verified, Icewear explained the meaning of “up the sco,” which he said is an “analogy for turning up or elevating yourself.”

Vezzo is gearing up for the release of his Rich Off Pints EP, expected May 21.

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