Cimo Fränkel Releases Outstanding Visuals For Uplifting Track ‘World Is Waking Up’

Pop and R&B artist Cimo Fränkel recently dropped a must-see music video for his latest hit ‘World Is Waking Up.’ A star born from Amsterdam delivered a pure definition of pop as he performs vocals perfectly attached to the beat, and created a universal and uplifting message. 

Cimo Fränkel has built his name on keeping up with the creative format of musical experiences and giving listeners something to cheer them up. His recently launched album (make sure to check it out!) is a polished, and well-produced collection of 14 tracks that balance from energizing EDM, entertaining Pop, smooth R&B, and cozy soul.  

The highlight of the album is a song titled ‘World Is Waking Up,’ a track with a mission to encourage and cheer up the audience. While the lightly swung drums carry Cimo Fränkel’s tender voice, the audience can enjoy his unique vibe and musical universe. The music video was directed by a team of Bram Juist, Isabelle Van Den Boomen who built an outstanding performance of art, and intimacy. The visuals feature Cimo Fränkel performing his single while the beautiful shots of earth and special effects blend into one picture.