If You Need To Cry, Do It With Lo’renzo To’rez: “Closing The Door” And “Live Again”

Lo’renzo To’rez is an exceptional artist who has released some stunning singles like “Closing The Door” And “Live Again”. Utilizing his signature hazy soundscapes, the artist creates emotional songs that speak to the audience. The above mentioned tracks are both about love, broken hearts, loss and pain, outlining the phases of struggle people go through in their lives.

He has previously released “Cold Summer” and “You Don’t Belong To Me”, two very impactful singles that showcase Lo’renzo’s artistic talent.

The artist was 18, when he was already recording professionally. Lo’renzo has been featured in the Hip Hop Weekly magazine’s print copy of July 2016 for indie artist spotlight on “Live again” and was interviewed on “Closing The Door” by BuzzFeed. 

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