Revolutionary Duo NO GOOD ENT Pair Playful Vibes With Masterful Skills In New LP Mean Music

The revolutionary duo NO GOOD ENT just released a music video for their track “Bob Saget” and an all-new album titled Mean Music. After “No Good 2” and “Preach,” Mean Music is their freshest project to date.

The West Coast rappers have been having a fantastic year, thanks to the authenticity and controversial approach showcased in most of their releases. 

“Clumsy” & “Black Air Force Activity” are some of the most powerful joints to be found on the new album, along with “Bob Saget,” and frankly, the entire collection is a must listen!

The name of the duo founded by Mari Peso and President Bandz came from their childhood days when they were constantly ‘up to no good.’ 

Mean Music is an album for the masses and we’re certain the crowds will love it!

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