TORRES and Julien Baker Reportedly Recorded a Country Album

Sad gay yeehaw season is coming. According to u/AndrewIsMyName on the Julien Baker subreddit, indie guitar hero TORRES confirmed that she recorded a country album with folk crooner Julien Baker.

The post reads:

I saw Mackenzie Scott aka Torres last night live in Chicago and got to meet her after the show. I told her how I originally discovered her music through Julien and how I am a huge Julien fan. Then she let me in on a secret (which she told me I could publicly share!) I was not expecting: Julien and Torres recorded a country album together this year in Marfa, Texas and it is coming out next year! Get hyped y’all! This is going to be VERY good!

The collaboration isn’t that hard to believe. TORRES, who was raised in Georgia, and Baker, who was raised in Tennessee, are both heavily influenced by country music. The two are also close friends. Julien praised TORRES’ 2021 album Thirstier on Twitter saying, “do yall even get how freaking good this record is?” TORRES lent a hand to discuss Baker’s Little Oblivions with the songwriter herself on NPR as well.

Paste has reached out to TORRES’ team for comment. Below, revisit both of their Paste Studio Sessions and keep an eye out for more news of the exciting collaboration.