Someone Takes A Shot At Wack 100 As Feud With Rapper J Stone Erupts!

(AllHipHop Rumors) A feud between Nipsey Hussle's All Money In artist J Stone and industry manager Wack 100 has flared up again.

In a series of not so subtle Instagram posts today, both men took shots at each other.

Wack 100 went at J Stone, claiming the All Money In artist wasn't receiving any cash at all.

"This defines you right ……… I’ve made a couple calls now I know a little about you …… WHERE YA MONEY @ ? MATTER FACT IM DELETING YOU OFF MY ALBUM N##GA YOU GOT THE WORST VERSE EVER——— YOU WASN’T BORN TO RAP," Wack 100 said about J Stone's collaboration with Game titled "One Life" on his latest album Born 2 Rap.

J Stone fired back and claimed to reveal the root of Wack 100's anger towards Nipsey Hussle, whom the latter has publicly clowned multiple times since the rapper's tragic shooting death in March of 2019.

According to J Stone, when Nipsey was alive he confronted Wack 100, who supposedly bowed down to the All Money In boss.

"N##ga Nip hopped out on yo ass, got in yo face and pressed you and told you keep his name out yo mouth. You ain’t do shit but break it down to em. Fatts (RIP) was right there bout to knocc yo ass out. You bowed it down! Now since the homie ain’t here, you hard now? N##ga you a 🤡 THE REAL REASON WHY YOU DONT LIKE THE HOMIE IS CAUSE HE MARKED YOU OUT WHEN HE WAS HERE AND YOU AINT DO SHIT!

Speaking of shots, an unknown gunman blasted at Wack 100, who showcased his bullet-riddled window along with a taunting post to his would-be assassins.

This resulted in a three-way feud for Wack 100 when his longtime nemesis 40 Glocc weighed in and labeled him a snitch for posting pictures and publicizing the supposed shooting.