Stream The Onset Of Agnosthesia By Contemporary Vocalist & Producer Ep!K

Contemporary vocalist and producer Ep!K has produced a new body of work consisting of 10 outstanding songs in which he generously poured his talent. Often compared to the legendary Michael Jackson for his unique vocal technique, Ep!K is not the kind of artist that fits any genre or easy description. His style spans multiple eras, genres, and emotions, all together merged into hypnotic songs that offer new levels of interpretation at each listen. 

With electronica, Alt-R&B and Hip-Hop, as the main genres forming his sonic designs, Ep!K then takes flight and creates unpredictable fusions that he perfectly matches with lyrics that hold the power to move listeners. 

In 2021, Ep!K released his debut album The Message That Never Got Sent. Always sharing his personal perspective on how he sees the world, he also adds his own experiences to enrich the final messages sent to his audience. 

“I use music as a portal into my mind and world,” says Ep!K when describing what music is for him, and his songs therefore become portals to access his own inner world. A cyclical experience that never fades away or lacks the substance we expect for true artists..