LA-based Block Party releases the “OMW” single

Melodic trap LA-based Block Party brought in the New Year with the release of their new single, “On My Way (OMW).”

Block Party is a collective of artists, producers, and engineers based in Southern California. Each member brings a unique sound and perspective, and while each member is an artist in their own right, they shine together as a group.

“OMW” is a cathartic trap symphony blending modern-era melodic hip-hop flows with classic guitar and luscious, hard-hitting drums with a low end that cuts through speakers. The record moves you to just bop your head, whether you’re in the club or at home with your headphones on. Block Party’s Charger and Ajax come together with seamless chemistry, pulling you into their world.

You can find the song on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Block Party Records.

Artwork for OMW by Block Party

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