Watch: The LUV Concert Series is back with talented Toronto artist LolaBunz

The LUV Concert Series continues with Episode 6 featuring the lyrical skills of Toronto-based recording artist, LolaBunz. Infused with a Nigerian background, Lola’s music is a tribute to all the different influences that she grew up around, which made her the accomplished artist that she is today. Never static, LolaBunz catches her fans off-guard with her versatility in her music.

“Many people hear the word ‘rapper,’ or female rapper, and expect to hear one type of sound or vibe,” says Lola. “Even when they hear the name LolaBunz some have their own ideas off of my name alone. I chose the name of my first album ‘Wild Card’ for that reason. To let people know that I am very versatile. I can sing, rap, be conscious, be gritty, I can do it all I am that wild card.”

Coming on the heels of the release of her latest single, “100 Degrees,” Lola’s LUV Concert Series performance consists of five songs including some of her most popular tracks on Spotify. With the backing of DJ Joshua Lucas, Lola kicks things off with “Runaway,” before switching over to “Shiesty,” which is quickly closing in on 18K Spotify streams. After a slick “Freestyle,” she closes things out with her most popular Spotify release, “West End,” and her 2021 banger, “Hot Heads.”

Produced by More Music Management in partnership with HipHopCanada Digital Inc., the LUV Concert Series will feature a new episode every Sunday and Wednesday up until the finale. The series kicked off with Toronto’s Nadia Stone and has also featured episodes showcasing Tia Bank$, Benita, DijahSB, and Liyah. The rest of the inaugural LUV Concert Series lineup includes budding Montréal rapper Naya Ali on May 11 and previous 3x JUNO-nominee Melanie Durrant on May 18.

Stay tuned to HipHopCanada for two more episodes of the LUV Concert Series, or head to the official LUV Concert Series website for the latest. The LUV Concert Series is sponsored in part by FACTOR, Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters, and Ontario Creates.

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