Trap Lore Ross on “YSL vs. YFN – Atlanta’s Secret Gang War”

Trap Lore Ross follows his highly popular look at Toronto with a new video focusing on “YSL vs YFN – Atlanta’s Secret Gang War.”

The video breaks down the beef between Atlanta-based YSL, brought to the mainstream by hip-hop star Young Thug, and YFN, which has been largely popularized by rapper YFN Lucci—both from the streets of Atlanta’s Zone 3.

In the video, TLR does a great job breaking down the beef between Thug’s YSL and Lucci’s YFN, with chapters including Young Thug’s come up, the come up of YFN, the death of Big Nut, YSL vs. YFN in the music industry, YSL vs. YFN on social media, the Battle of Lennox Mall, and the fall of YFN.

YFN Lucci’s latest release is the Bandhunta Izzy collaboration called “Like Me,” which was released through No Gravity Entertainment / EMPIRE back in August. Meanwhile, Young Thug is promoting his new album, Punk which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, earning 90,000 album-equivalent units (including 12,000 copies in pure album sales) in its first week.

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