Trap Lore Ross: Odd Future – Where Are They Now?

Our favourite trap lorist Trap Lore Ross has developed a reputation for lightheartedly insulting your favourite rapper while delivering highly impressive breakdowns of some of hip-hop and music’s most talked about scandals and stories. Sometimes it get very controversial, like discussing artist’s personal finances or baby mama drama, among other things, and sometimes it’s just pure fun like virtually touring Drake’s mansion.

One of the Trap Lore’s latest releases is a highly impressive 2020 breakdown of the status of Odd Future and it’s members (as well as extended family). As Ross points out, this doesn’t mean the video will focus on the random Odd Future hangalongs that might have appeared in a video or helped out on a tour for a bit once upon a time. This is about the core group and the other artists/musicians/producers immediately associated with the OFWGKTA family.

As a testament to Odd Future’s fandom (or maybe the credit goes to Trap Lore Ross), the video has racked up over 186K streams in less than a week, and has received a lot of praise from Odd Future fans for the extensive research that was clearly done to create it.

Ross’ latest video dropped just yesterday. It’s a satire piece titled “How Drake Got an Off White Plane” which starts off with Drizzy sitting next to Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson.

You can find both videos below.

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