Toronto’s Money Marlo drops “30’s” powered NFTs & AR filter

Coming in support of his latest single and video, Toronto rapper Money Marlo has announced a new series of “30’s” powered NFTs.

Described as ‘Limited Edition Moving Art Pictures,’ the NFTs feature shots from behind the scenes of Marlo’s new “30’s” music video created by Toronto mainstays Kavin Roberts and Orazio. Along with being great collectibles for any Money Marlo fans, the NFTs also serve as an investment for those looking to support his career. Each NFT grants the holder 5% lifetime royalties for Money Marlo’s single “30’s.” There are two NFTs. That means, if you hold both of them you’ll be receiving 10% of the mechanical rights.

Links to the NFTs on OpenSea:

  • NFT 1 – “COLD CASH”

These other details are included:

  • After purchase, a link with a copy of the royalties contract will be provided to the NFT holder.
  • The holder will provide the needed information (email to receive contract and payment) and sign the contract.
  • Royalties payments will be processed starting three months from the single’s release date of March, 18, 2022.

Head to the Money Marlo Collection page for more information.

AR Filter: Play It Cool

Along with the new NFTs, Marlo has also released a new “30’s”-themed augmented reality (AR) filter for his followers on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a perfect compliment to the ‘ice cold’ vibe of the “30’s” experience, and further proof that Marlo keeps his ear to the ground when it comes to music and tech colliding.

The links for both social media platforms are available below:

  • AR Filter: Play It Cool (Instagram)
  • AR Filter: Play It Cool (Facebook)

To promote the AR filter, Marlo launched a contest calling for fans to use the “Play It Cool” effect to make a personalized video. A cash prize-winner was announced at the end of March, and Marlo has indicated there will be another AR contest launching with his “Love Song” single in May. Stay tuned for that, and be sure to tag @MoneyMarlo if you use the filter.

Money Marlo NFT
Money Marlo’s second NFT, “Smoking Opps”