HipHopMadness on “The Great & Frustrating Career of Lil Wayne”

Pro the Goat and the HipHopMadness team examine “The Great & Frustrating Career of Lil Wayne.” Here’s a description of the episode:

If you were to take as little as a fleeting glance at the hip-hop world, it’d be hard to argue that anyone has had the impact of Lil Wayne. From his pioneering flow and creativity to the trends he popularised, his early adoption of autotune and artists attempting to emulate his level of output without the degree of skill, Weezy changed everything as we know it.

That said, it’s safe to say that since we entered the 2010’s, Wayne’s career has been anything but plain-sailing. And while it’s good to see a prolific MC uphold his position as a GOAT contender, the nature of Weezy’s journey has meant that sometimes, it feels as though he’s making up for lost time, lost revenue and, most alarmingly, loss of perspective. Leading to what, despite the ink drying on his place in the history books, dredges up all the underlying hang-ups that the objective Wayne fan holds.

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