Song of the Day: Pressa addresses police brutality with cinematic video “Harriet”

Our Song of the Day is the latest release from Toronto rapper and Blue Feathers Records recording artist Pressa.

Directed by Micheal Vincent Academy, “Harriet” is a highly cinematic commentary of racial injustice and police brutality, and arguably Pressa’s best music video to date.

“When I was 11, I turned 13, because I don’t fuck with 12.” – Pressa

It starts with a white man committing an armed robbery on a convenience store, which Pressa is unknowingly walking towards. By the time Pressa reaches the store, the police have arrived and the armed robber is heading out the front door to escape. The cop stops both of them, decides to let the white guy go, and tosses Pressa in the trunk of his cruiser at gun point.


Scene from the Harriet video

Scene from the “Harriet” video

That’s when the Yosh Beats-produced “Harriet” begins, and the tables start to turn on the corrupt cop. Pressa eventually makes his way out from the trunk and ends up with his knee on the officer’s neck with the officer screaming “I Can’t Breathe.” It’s the same words said multiple times by George Floyd before he was killed by multiple Minneapolis police officers. You might remember the dirty cop, played by actor Rigo Obezo, suiting up in uniform for other big music videos. His resume includes work for Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown, A$AP Rock and more.

We reached out to Pressa to comment on the video and song and the only thing he was willing to say on record was “I Can’t Breathe.”

Be sure to let the video credits roll for some behind the scenes footage, and for a list of all the actors involved in creating the movie. The single is expected to reach digital streaming platforms in the near future via BFR/Sony Music.

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