A tribute to Vancouver artist ErnieWoodLo: Lil Big Homie

One of the first posts we made about ErnieWoodLo was his big 2018 single, “Lil Big Homie,” and at the time we presented the tune as our Song of the Day.

Today, with news of Ernie’s sudden passing coming out of Vancouver, we decide to bring it back for the same segment today. Ernie’s had several other releases since then–all special in their own way–but “Lil Big Homie” really spoke from his heart and to his experience.


ErnieWoodLo Tribute: Lil Big Homie

Scene from the “Lil Big Homie” video

As I wrote back in March 2018: “Dark and reflective, EWL uses ‘Lil Big Homie’ to touch on his growth as a person, and how new responsibilities might have changed his view of things. He battles through relationship disputes and the burden of the streets, while trying to play the role of ‘big homie.’ The child role–played by Trae James–is intended to reflect a younger version of EWL, visualizing both perspectives of the song.”

The song served as a single on his EP that dropped that month, Product, which is available on all major streaming outlets. You can also find more of his material on those platforms including his other 2018 EP, D.H.M.B.G..

People that are close to Ernie have informed us that he was sitting on close to, if not more than, 100 new songs, so hopefully his fans will be blessed with new material down the road.

For now, we keep his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace Ernie.