Song of the Day: Dax releases powerful new song & video “Black Lives Matter”

Our Song of the Day is the powerful new video and song from Canadian artist Dax.

The Ottawa-native released the video for his Joey Barba-produced song “Black Lives Matter” on Monday, and he’s already racked up more than 1.295 million views since.

Shot by Damien Sandoval, the video starts with a black screen with the question “Remember when we were kids and didn’t see color?” written in white text. It’s a question that captures the essence of the song which stresses the fact that hate is not a character trait, it is learned.


Scene from the Black Lives Matter video

Scene from the “Black Lives Matter” video

The video then shifts back and forth between protest footage from around the United States, and shots of Dax taking a knee and raising a fist in solidarity.

“Remember when we were kids and didn’t see no color and when we played in kindergarten and I called you my brother?”

While Dax’s perfectly executed verses emphasis the fact that racism and hatred is something a child is not born with, the song really hits you in the emotions when it gets to the simple yet effective chorus featuring three words repeated: “I Can’t Breathe.” Three words that 2020 will be remembered by.

“Black Lives Matter” is available for streaming on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Song of the Day: Dax releases powerful new song and video Black Lives Matter

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The Black Lives Matter movement needs to be supported indefinitely in order to make real change. We’ve compiled a list of resources and ways you can support Black Lives Matter, anti-racism and human rights.