Questlove welcomes Stacey Abrams on Questlove Supreme podcast

Acclaimed iHeart podcast series, Questlove Supreme, welcomes Georgia gubernatorial candidate, social justice voice, and change agent Stacey Abrams for a very special episode this week. As always, the conversation organically unfolds across various topics and subjects as guided by Questlove.

Over the course of 40 minutes, Abrams emphasizes the urgency of the 2022 gubernatorial race and speaks candidly about her reasons for running, tracing her journey from why she recognized her calling in politics to why Governor Brian Kemp must be replaced at the ballot box. She divulges the benefits of voting early and reminds listeners of the date, October 17. She also champions the vote by black men, advocating for this crucial demographic. Questlove follows her lead and steers the discourse into a pensive, potent, and powerful back-and-forth. Together, they agree upon political action as a means for generational change with Abrams as a prime example, revealing how she chose activism in the wake of the Rodney King verdict during her college years and even rallied other students to march.

She noted, “Protest moves beyond the space in the world you inhabit and tells the rest of the world you’ve got to pay attention.”

Questlove echoed her energy, “I know there’s fatigue, but we have to fight this good fight, and I believe in our guest today because she is about that action.”

At the same time, Questlove Supreme showcases every facet of this dynamic revolutionary. She opens up about self-care and shared a few television favorites, including Law & Order and Eureka.

Among many quotable exchanges, Abrams sums up the moment best, “There is an urgency I feel everyday. In part because of what the world is, and in part of what the world could be. If there’s any degree of empathy in you, you feel compelled to do something. I don’t know how you sit still when you see the issues before us.”

Click here for listening options, or watch the interview below via YouTube.