Ottawa recording artist Dip Black has passed away

It’s a sad day for the Ottawa hip-hop community. Earlier today, we learned that recording artist Dip Black had passed away.

On Sunday, Ottawa news reported that a man had gone missing Saturday evening while kayaking on Lac Sainte-Marie in western Québec. After a search by the Sûreté du Québec, a body was found Monday afternoon. Sadly, based on info being posted to social media by his friends, it appears that it was the body of Dip Black, one of the most respected lyricists in the National Capital Region. He also had one of the strongest work ethics around, boasting one of the largest discographies in the city (over 50 releases since 2019). Back in 2020, the Ottawa Citizen listed him as one of the “top Black Ottawa artists and creators you should know.”

While Dip had released over 40 singles between 2020 and 2021 (28 in 2020 alone), he had just one official release this year with his February single, “Reload,” produced by 613Tino. He was also recently featured on the Ottawa compilation album, Love Us Now or Bandwagon Later, on the popular “All Capital Anthem.”

Over the years, Dip Black worked closely with producer/engineer/videographer Quest and his Dreamland Studios team. He was featured in Quest’s Dreamland Sessions series, and was also instrumental in helping Quest initially get it off the ground.

From a Nov. 2020 interview we conducted with Quest:

“One day in July 2019, I was in the studio with Dip Black working on his album. The session went great and we still had time to spare, so I proposed to Dip the idea of the Dreamland Sessions. He loved it!! And Dip is excellent on the spot writer. So I started crafting a beat and he started writing on his side. 16 bars is all you need, I said to Dip. So in about 35 minutes, the beat was done, the lyrics were written, recorded and the performance filmed. Then I released it 2 days after on my YouTube Channel (Quest Dreamland) and immediately the movement gain traction especially in Ottawa, and on this day I have done 65 of them, with the same on the spot concept, and I plan on doing at least 1K of them.”

Quest posted a message to Instagram earlier today which gives you a sense of how he’s feeling.

“I’m going to take a moment… 💔 Thanks for the love

On social media, Dip began the FREE SMOKE FRIDAY series—which featured videos of Dip dropping heat on Quest beats—and he reached Episode 4 in a post back in February. It’s the same post that friends and fans are now using to send their condolences; many understandably in disbelief.

I didn’t know Dip Black too well, but had a chance to connect with him a few times and was always impressed with his drive and professionalism. He truly appreciated every ounce of support he received from the community and it’s heartbreaking that he didn’t have longer to pursue his dreams. There is no doubt his vast network of friends and associates in the Ottawa hip-hop community (and beyond) will keep his memory alive.

Our condolences go out to Dip Black’s friends and family. Rest In Peace.