No Jumper presents The Ryan Holiday Interview: Dinner with Jay-Z vs $500,000, vaccines, media literacy & more

No Jumper returns with a new interview featuring American author, entrepreneur and host of the The Daily Stoic podcast, Ryan Holiday.

During the interview, Holiday touches on opening a bookstore right before pandemic hit, feeling more productive at home, freedom not being an excuse to not be responsible, repeated failure of courage to take a stand when it comes to former President Donald Trump, vaccines, learning from Robert Greene interviewing people like 50 Cent, Paul Rosenberg, and much more.

“Ryan Holiday is back on the program to talk about his new upcoming book Courage is Calling, give advice on working your way up professionally, settles the Jay-Z vs $500K debate, working with Birdman, self discipline and more!” – No Jumper

Holiday’s podast The Daily Stoic is available on various platforms. Stream it below via Spotify.

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