Lunch Room Poetz preview album debut with “Family Over Everything” video

Coming in support of their upcoming album debut, Bulletproof Lunchbox, the Lunch Room Poetz collective have released fresh visuals for their Yung Jimi Dantana-produced “Family Over Everything.” The song drops exactly one year since the formation of the group.

“With a special guest appearance from the infamous Harley G, LRP bring to y’all a movie-like visual directed by the Poetz mastermind Kenzo Ferrari, filmed by Dimitri Apostolos and Rashaad Duncan, and edited by B1 The Architect.”


Scene from the Family Over Everything video

Scene from the “Family Over Everything” video

LRP is a 5-man unit which consists of Young Stitch, B1 The Architect, KP, Lotus James, and Philly Regs.

The group’s music is currently available through Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and various other outlets. Stay tuned for Bulletproof Lunchbox.

You can follow @Lunch.Room.Poetz on Instagram.