Love Us Now or Bandwagon Later: New compilation highlights the Ottawa hip-hop scene

Ottawa-based ALLCAPYOW / Set-A-Card Entertainment has released an impressive new compilation album showcasing the local hip-hop scene.

The 14-track Love Us Now or Bandwagon Later was put together by Executive Producer J. Creole, who enlisted in a variety of talented artists for the release including: FTG Reggie, GG Chevy, KG Jay, OTG Stiffy, Carver, Road Runner, KingH509, Shavar, YLA, Kevy!, FC.TheKid, Keydus, LB Nica, Danny Mich, HBRFleezy, AGS Smooth, DaBoiLoc, Dip Black, Frank Blak, Gabona, Mazyn, Nino, and J. Creole himself (“It’s Us” and “Low Key”).
The project also features some incredible production from producers such as Reupbeats, MadeByOven, and KG Jay.

“Ottawa is an open field that is full of talent. We’re recognizing that potential and we’re putting our resources together to focus on helping the youth develop their talent and reach their full potential.” – ALLCAPYOW

Several videos have already been released in support of the album, each powered by Set-A-Card Films and Set-A-Card Entertainment Studio.

You can find Love Us Now or Bandwagon Later on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms.

You can check out the album and videos below.

You can follow @ALLCAPYOW and @SetACardEntMusic on Instagram.