Kids Take Over: 5 ways artists can make more money during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vancouver-based Kids Take Over has released a dope new segment that very indie artist should consider checking out.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the music industry and the ability for artists to earn a living. Luckily, organizations like KTO have taken it upon themselves to compile some great resources that everyone can benefit from.

“5 Ways Artists Can Make More Money During COVID” is less than 10 minutes long and host and KTO co-founder Arshan Jawaid dives right into the info you’re looking for.

Check out the video and accompanying description below. You can find links mentioned in the video on KTO’s YouTube page.

“In this video, KTO goes over 5 ways music artists can make more money during COVID. Of course, with much harder access to travel and network/meet fans, and no more live in person concerts, making money has gotten way harder for artists. This video is aimed at upcoming artists who’ve gathered somewhat of a fan base, but are struggling to bring in revenue during the pandemic. We talk about live-streaming concerts on YouTube and using the superchat donation feature. Plenty of artists have done so including Pierre Bourne, Rolling Loud, JID + more. We also explains SoundCloud’s new model of earning money off streams, called ‘Fan Powered Royalties.’ Compared to the model used before, artists basically get paid way more fairly, so this is definitely something we recommend checking out.”

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