Gone: Canadian artist Shubz premieres new single & video

After a three-year hiatus from releasing music, Canadian artist Shubz makes an impressive return with his new MutoBeats-powered single, “Gone.” The song sees Shubz touching on his ambitions, while also reflecting on things he dealt with during his break from the scene.

“After a three-year break in my music career, rebranding, and countless personal obstacles, I was finally in a position to start working on my music career on a serious note,” explained Shubz in a recent email exchange.

“I wrote and recorded “Gone” as a way to re-introduce myself to the music community and my fans.”

The record was recorded at Cave Recording Studios in Ottawa, and the accompanying music video was shot in Toronto by Cyril Swayz. It’s just the first of several new drops Shubz has planned for the remainder of 2022, including new videos that were shot during a recent trip overseas.

“The music video is primarily made from clean, effect-free clips, as I wanted the viewers to catch real footage of my performance, b-rolls, and my brothers.”

“Gone” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms via AV Records.

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