GOAT Talk: Jack Harlow & Druski talk comedy skits, pick up lines, sex positions & more

23-year-old Kentucky rap star Jack Harlow and 26-year-old Georgia-born comedian Druski are the latest stars to grace the cover of Complex.

Complex writer Jewel Wicker connected with the pair inside Atlanta’s Marlow’s Tavern where they ate shrimp and touched on a wide variety of different subjects. You can read the full article here on Complex. Along with the new feature, Complex has also featured the Harlow and Druski on the latest episode of their YouTube series, GOAT Talk.

“On this episode of GOAT Talk, Jack Harlow and Druski discuss GOAT liquor, Druski skits, chains in hip-hop, sex positions, vacation spots, and more. GOAT Talk, a new show where we ask today’s greats to crown their all-time greats.” – Complex

Harlow’s latest release is a collaboration with Pooh Shiesty called “SUVs (Black on Black),” produced by Go Grizzly and Smash David. The song debuted at #67 on the Hot 100 during the charting week of August 21, 2021. Check it out below via Spotify.

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