Baby Shark: Tallahassee’s Ralan Styles finds success with latest single & video

20-year-old Tallahassee, FL rapper Ralan Styles is sitting pretty with his latest single, “Baby Shark.”

Loosely inspired by the children’s song by the same title, the BLS Flow-powered “Baby Shark” video features Ralan turning up with his squad poolside with all sorts of craziness. There’s even a blow up shark pool toy to really drive home the theme.

Judging by the YouTube comments and stats—the video has pulled in over 120K views in less than a week—this could be a game changer for Ralan. It’s already the most popular music video on his YouTube channel, with his Lil Nova-assisted “Pickup Truck” coming in at just over 16K views. His third biggest video is “Moonlight” at 13K views, so you can see it’s quite a step for the young star in the making.

On Spotify, the independently released “Baby Shark” is closing in on 1 million streams and will likely see an even larger boost as the video starts to get out there even further.

Along with Spotify, you can find “Baby Shark” on Apple Music and various other digital streaming platforms.

You can follow @RalanStyles on Instagram.