Watch Wet Leg’s Video for New Single “Ur Mum”

Few albums coming out this month are as highly anticipated as British duo Wet Leg’s self-titled debut, and the pair have shared a sixth and final single from the record before it finally comes out in full this Friday, April 8. “Ur Mom” slots perfectly into place with the stellar singles Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers have delivered so far, arriving with a delightful video directed by Lava La Rue.

“Ur Mum” is a bitter kiss-off to an immature ex that blends the band’s signature wit with a hooky chorus begging the subject to make their exit from Teasdale’s life as soon as possible. The track also sees the band yearning to escape their small-town life on their native Isle of Wight, expressing their frustration with having outgrown everything trapping them there. If the second verse lines, “You’re always so full of it / Why don’t you just suck my dick?” don’t make the message clear enough, the inclusion of Teasdale’s “longest and loudest scream” (lasting 11 seconds) will probably do the trick. In a statement, Teasdale said of the breakup that inspired the song, “I was pretty angry at the way things had gone in this particular dynamic. It’s just a diss song I wrote to make myself feel better. It worked.”

The song’s video is just as playful and biting as the music it’s attached to, following a misogynistic “soft boy” in a band who slips and hits his head in the convenience store where Teasdale and Chambers’ characters work. This sends him spiraling into a fever dream lasting the length of the song (“You were out for 3 minutes, 22 seconds!”) where the duo haunt him, always demonically laughing out of the corner of his eye, no matter how hard he tries to escape.

The video’s director, La Rue, talked about her mission to make the video into an Easter egg hunt for fans of the band in a statement:

The “Ur Mum” video was all about bringing the viewer into the Wet Leg world—sprinkling details throughout the visual that not only reference at least 4 songs off the album but also plenty of inside jokes within the band too. Artistically it shows where the aesthetic of American indie films like Napoleon Dynamite fit perfectly in the scape of rural British settings—this concept first came to me when the band took me to IOW [Isle of Wight] for the first time—I saw the connection and it all clicked into place.

Check out the video for “ur mom” below, and a list of (mostly sold-out) tour dates for the band here. You can read our review of Wet Leg here and preorder the record right here.