The Strokes Recorded a New Album with Rick Rubin

The Strokes and Rick Rubin have teamed up for another album, the follow-up to the band’s acclaimed 2020 LP The New Abnormal, the producer revealed on The Joe Rogan Experience.

In the podcast’s Wednesday, Oct. 12, episode, Rubin told Rogan he and The Strokes recorded the album “a few months ago” in Costa Rica, in a rental house “up on the top of a mountain.” Here’s the full quote:

A few months ago, I was in Costa Rica recording a new album with The Strokes. And we rented this house up on the top of a mountain, and set up the band outside. So they’re playing—it’s like they’re doing a concert for the ocean, on the top of a mountain. It was incredible. And we did that every day, playing—I’ll show you videos later on—and they didn’t want to leave. It was the best experience.

Naturally, r/TheStrokes caught wind of this and sounded the “NEW STROKES ALBUM” klaxons. Those intrepid Redditors also spotlit a clip of Rubin telling Rogan about how he came to work with the band on The New Abnormal (the title of which he tries and fails to recall).

The New Abnormal was The Strokes’ first new album since 2013’s The Comedown Machine, and was generally praised as a return to form for the New York City indie-rock institution. The band recorded it with Rubin at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu.

Paste has reached out to a rep for The Strokes for more information, and will update this post with any we receive. In the meantime, you can listen to Rubin’s Rogan interview in full here, if you wish.