Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Share New Single “Cameo”: Listen

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have shared their fourth and final single for the Melbourne band’s upcoming album, Sideways to New Italy, set to release this Friday, June 5.

The new track, “Cameo,” starts off focused on the sparse combination of singer Francis Keaney’s voice and guitar, but quickly builds to showcase the band’s maximalist indie-pop production with swirling guitars and a driving rhythm coalescing around Keaney’s lyrics.

“This is a love song. It’s about reaching through time portals,” said Keaney in a statement. “The lyrics were pieced together over about a year like a little puzzle. I found the first pieces in Rushworth, and the last pieces in Darwin.” Listen below.

Sideways to New Italy follows the band’s 2018 debut album, Hope Downs.