YesJulz Claims Kanye West Is Not Suing Her

Social media personality YesJulz claims Kanye West is not suing her despite the rapper posting a letter of intent to arbitrate for violating her NDA.

YesJulz Insists Ye Is Not Suing Her

On Thursday (March 21), YesJulz responded on X, formerly known as Twitter, to someone who brought up Ye announcing he is suing Julz for $8 million earlier this week.

“He has not told me he is suing me,” YesJulz responded. “I have not seen HIS signature on the paper. The letter of intent to arbitrate was very clearly written by Milo. Signed by Ye’s lawyer, who is also at the will of Milo. If the suit moves forward and Ye allows it to, sure i may feel different. & i’ll do what needs to be done to defend myself. I have no fear because i’ve done no wrong.”

She continued: “Until then, i have compassion and grace for Ye as i know first hand how the people around him move & i feel its only a matter of time before the truth is revealed & he realizes whats truly going on. I pray for his continued success & protection.”

When someone else brought up Ye sharing the lawsuit on social media, YesJulz responded: “Then why was it deleted so fast? What other posts do you see going up and down that fast? He is not the only one with access to that account.”

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Ye Announces He’s Suing YesJulz

On Sunday (March 17), Ye shared a post on his Instagram Story revealing a copy of a lawsuit directed at YesJulz, born Julianne Goddard. The posting of the lawsuit comes after Ye announced he was firing YesJulz for violating the terms of her NDA while she worked with him on his Vultures 1 album rollout.

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Check out YesJulz’s tweets denying she is being sued by Kanye West below.

See YesJulz’s Lawsuit Denial







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