PACKS Share Delicate New Single, “iknowiknow”

PACKS continue to deliver dainty acoustics on “iknowiknow.” The single was plucked from their forthcoming EP, WOAH, out July 8 via Fire Talk. The follow-up to their debut album, Take the Cake, which they released in 2021, the EP takes a drastically different approach, this time stripping back their arrangements and weaving half-whispered lines of poetry into a delicate collection of vignettes.

The Toronto-based band, headed by Madeline Link, recorded their new EP when they returned from touring with Wombo in November. Link had lost her voice, but decided to record in the early stage of getting it back. Her fragile vocals resemble glass, as if they could shatter at any second, yet still maintain a quiet strength. The softly strummed guitar on “iknowiknow” possesses a brittle quality that mirrors the feeble nature of fate Link muses about.

“We all know destiny is exciting, right? When you’re past knowing how exhausted you truly are it’s easy to find yourself saying yes to everything and everyone as destiny runs away with quiet feet,” Link said in a statement.

“iknowiknow” is the second single from WOAH after early June’s “don’t go for the goat’s milk.”

Check out “iknowiknow” below.