Manuel Aspidi Reminds The World It is Time For The “Last Call”

Manuel Aspidi, Italian pop artist, has teamed-up with The WWF Italy and Phil Palmer from Dire Straits to release one of the most inspiring songs and music videos we have come across in a very long while, “Last Call.” Released on World Environment Day on June 5, the music video offers a jaw dropping viewing experience that captures the destruction and chaos we have created for our natural environment and various animal species with a fine artistry. Written by the legendary Dire Straits member Phil Palmer, the song beautifully reflects the message sent by the visuals, by highlighting the urge to change the way we relate to nature and abuse its resources. 

Manuel Aspidi’s incredibly well performed vocal lines are the ideal support to such a major cause and message, and we impatiently wait for his next collaboration, single, or album, to be out yet!