Grace Ives Shares New Single, “Angel of Business”

While everyone has always suspected something otherworldly about Grace Ives, her latest release, “Angel of Business,” is concrete proof that she’s actually heaven-sent. The follow-up to “Loose” and “Lullaby,” Ives continues to hint at the celestial side of her forthcoming album, Janky Star, out June 10 via True Panther/Harvest.

Fluttering around New York City in a power suit and pair of pure white wings, Ives embraces the ethereal. Straying from her usual compact compositions and baroque beats, she gives herself room to breathe on “Angel of Business.” Dialing it down, her lithe vocals slink over shimmering synthesizers as she reassures, “I told you about a hundred times so what are you tripping for? / Told you a million bucks I’m not your antidote / I think about you on the floor with your petty coat / You could really have the world, fix your appetite.”

The track serves as both a beacon of hope to her younger self and an affirmation of later success as it details her early career struggles, Ives said in a statement: #8220;I wrote this while going through a rough time at the start of my career (not so long ago). Uncomfortable meetings, overdrafted account and sleazy suits. This is my message to myself to have a little faith in the future.”

Listen to “Angel of Business” below.