Exclusive: Watch the Video for Andy Zipf’s Pertinent New Song “There Is No Virus On The Moon”

Weeks into a slew of stay at home orders that remain in place throughout much of the country, Florida-based singer/songwriter Andy Zipf wrote a song in order to communicate the collective anxiety and dread. Over the course of about a week, Zipf wrote, recorded and shot the music video for “There Is No Virus On the Moon,” the musician’s way of processing the realities of coronavirus and quarantine.

The music video was made using commonplace household objects and was recorded in Zipf’s apartment during the middle of the night while his family slept. But collaboration with his child ended up being a fortunate inevitability.

“I made four dioramas using a grocery bag, a couple file cabinet folders, construction paper, some twigs and grass, homemade play dough, cotton balls, yarn, stick on googly eyes, glow in the dark glue, needle and thread,” Ziph told Paste. “My son helped make the last one with me. What’s more whimsical than the imagination of a child?”

“There Is No Virus On the Moon” comes before Zipf’s forthcoming album How to Make A Paper Airplane, which the songwriter has been working on for the past two years and will be released sometime in 2020. The album was produced by Matt Williams and will feature Jay Bellerose and Jennifer Condos. Zipf’s previous album was 2011’s Jealous Hands, and he also released three records under the moniker The Cowards Choir since 2013, most recently the 2016 album Name The Fear.

Watch the music video for “There Is No Virus On the Moon” below, and listen to Zipf performing “Promise and Purpose” during a 2011 Daytrotter session.