Charli XCX Shares Latest how i’m feeling now Single “I Finally Understand”

It’s been just over a month since Charli XCX announced she’d be recording a quarantine album with a month and a half deadline. how i’m feeling now’s release date, May 15, is rapidly approaching, and Thursday Charli decided to share the third single from the record.

“I Finally Understand” is a bedroom garage track produced in part by Benjy Keating, who records DIY dancehall-inspired party music under the name Palmistry. On Instagram, Charli said of the collaboration “the song was produced and co written by [Palmistry], somebody who ive wanted to work with for a really long time… i’m glad that isolation has finally allowed us to connect from afar on our first song!” The song also features additional production help from frequent Charli collaborator A.G. Cook and Mechatok.

The track’s a little more lowkey than previous singles “claws” and “forever,” plodding along with a spare breakbeat. It sees Charli honing in on her True Romance era roots, another crunchy rave track that sounds as fitting on a mixtape as it might blaring through a UK warehouse.

You can check “I Finally Understand” out below.