DJ Akademiks Claims He’s Responsible for Killing Meek Mill’s Care

DJ Akademiks is claiming he is responsible for killing Meek Mill‘s rap career.

DJ Akademiks Goes Off on Meek Mill

On Tuesday (May 14), DJ Akademiks went live on Rumble to address a new rape and defamation lawsuit that was filed against him on Monday (May 13). During the session, Ak addressed Meek Mill, who had previously commented on the situation on X, formerly known as Twitter, “What ever these n***as sold they soul too I’m not in it wtf … now he telling why he was reporting bad about people?”

Ak flamed Meek for offering his two cents by boasting that the popular streamer is responsible for the demise of Meek’s rap career.

“Meek, I will say this you, your face on your deathbed,” Ak responded. “I killed your career, what was left of it. Not because no n***a paid me. You disrespected me nine years ago and I’m like an elephant. I will never forget it.”

“I jack off to the fact that your career is six feet under because you disrespected a n***a who was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, who happens to now have hip-hop in the palm of his hands,” Ak added. “Your career ain’t coming back, I killed it.”

Meek Mill’s career includes five top-five solo albums, with his most recent solo LP being 2021’s Expensive Pain. In the years since the release, Meek has gone independent and had his fair share of complaints about the industry. His most recent album, 2023’s Too Good to Be True with Rick Ross, was not a hit, however, reportedly only selling around 31,000 copies in its first week.

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Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks’ Longstanding Beef

Meek Mill and Ak’s beef dates back to 2017 when Ak claims Meek got upset that the internet personality did not properly promote Meek’s Wins & Losses album. Ak claims the Philly rapper and his crew began threatening him due to the situation and they’ve been at odds since then.

Back in February, Ak called Meek out for not addressing an allegation made in a lawsuit that alluded to Meek and Diddy being sexual partners. Meek blasted Ak for playing with his name, and the two traded vitriolic barbs on X. Ak claimed victory when Meek blocked him on X.

On Monday, a day before the rape allegation lawsuit news broke, Meek insulted Ak on X by calling him a “rapist type couch potatoe [sic].”

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See the video of DJ Akademiks going off about Meek Mill below.

Watch DJ Akademiks Boast About Killing Meek Mill’s Career

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