50 Cent Clowns Stevie J for Rapping King Combs Diss Shirtless

50 Cent pokes fun at Stevie J for his recent video showing support for Diddy’s son King Combs.

50 Cent Clowns Stevie J for Rapping King Combs Diss Lines Shirtless

On Wednesday (May 15), 50 Cent jumped on his Instagram page to clown Stevie J for a video he shared online. In the clip, which can be viewed below, the former Hitmen producer is flexing his muscles in a bathroom mirror while listening to King Combs’ 50 Cent diss track “Pick a Side.”

Fif, who has trolled Stevie J in the past, captioned his post: “[Grinning face emoji] Hahahaha why you make a video like this man, LOL I can not wait to be in the same place with you guys. I know you don’t know about me. [crying face emoji, grinning face emoji, crying face emoji].”

Last Sunday (May 12), King Combs stepped in to defend his father Diddy against his critics. On his diss track “Pick a Side,” Combs targets 50 who have relentlessly trolled the hip-hop mogul over his sexual assault lawsuits.

“When all they had was 50 Cent, who put the city on the map?/Stop lyin’, pops been hated on by many men and n***a, that’s fine/They gon’ try to stop these Eminems and they gon’ die tryin,'” King spits on the song.

50 Cent Relentlessly Trolls King Combs After Being Dissed

Hours after King Combs released his diss track, 50 Cent hopped on social media to respond to the 26-year-old rapper.

On Instagram, 50 sarcastically said that he fears for his life because of Combs’ new song.

“I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record,” 50 wrote in his IG post, which can be viewed below. “I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about puffy’s kids because KEEFE D said he killed 2Pac.”

50 also shared a video of the sexual assault allegations King Combs is facing himself. The Power co-creator posted a carousel of pictures of the alleged victim’s injuries, whose name is Grace O’Marcaigh.

“Damn @kingcombs that what you told Grace O’Marcaigh on that boat huh, gave her the puffy juice with that special sauce in it,” 50 wrote. “LOL BOY OH BOY! BAD BOY FOR LIFE!”

Fif wasn’t quite done yet. He highlighted a lyric on “Pick a Side,” where Combs raps, “Knock them walls down like when them feddy boys ran in both of our cribs/Too bad they ain’t know we ’bout to run next-door ’cause that’s the one they missed.”

“Now why would you say some s**t like this,” 50 wrote. “When you know the FEDS are investigating. Is you stupid or is you dumb? Lol.”

King Comb’s lyrics alluded to a raid conducted by the Department of Homeland Security on Diddy’s properties back in March. During the raids on Diddy’s Los Angeles property, both King and his brother Justin Combs were detained in handcuffs.

Check out 50 Cent’s Instagram post where he clowns Stevie J for rapping King Combs’ diss track without a shirt below.

See 50 Cent Clowning Stevie J in His Instagram Post

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