Bonny Light Horseman Share Cover of Tim Buckley’s “Buzzin’ Fly”

Bonny Light Horseman, a folk trio featuring Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson and Josh Kaufman, released a cover of Tim Buckley’s “Buzzin’ Fly” via 37d03d Records. All proceeds from the song’s Bandcamp sales will go to the band’s touring members and crew as the COVID-19 live music hiatus continues.

“I first heard this song when I was in my early 20s, on a mix cassette that my then-girlfriend’s cool older brother made me,” Johnson says. “I was instantly entranced—there was something so evocative about the arrangement, the transcendental and romantic lyrical imagery, and Buckley’s deeply soulful voice. I knew one of these days I’d cover it. Took me twenty-plus years to find the right situation to do it. Josh and Anaïs (and the stellar assemblage of players on this recording) took this song in a new direction that made me fall in love with it all over again. Long live buzzin’ flies, ringing mountains, flowing rivers, and seabirds who knew your name!” 

Bonny Light Horseman’s recently released a seven-inch single Green/Green. Prior to that, the band released their debut album Bonny Light Horseman, which was included in our list of the best albums of January.

Listen to “Buzzin’ Fly” below, and purchase the song on Bandcamp here.