Blink Blesses Us With Good Vibes On Latest Release, “Wanna Party”

Blink’s captivating debut, “Wanna Party,” is the rising star’s display of a sensual and intimate sound filled with a warm energy, delivering soothing vocals that hit home instantly. Chill and feel-good vibes pour-out from the young artist’s promising new outlook on the summer-filled kind of energy. The laid-back atmosphere acts as an open invitation for everyone to enjoy the party to the maximum. Each verse is a proclamation of fun and positivity, aimed at creating feelings of everlasting joy. 

Born in Orlando, Florida, the artist received his nickname,’Blink’ from his career playing American football. By playing in the 1st division at the University of Florida, he has a valuable experience in sports that somehow incorporates into his artistry. 

A multi-talented man indeed, Blink has what it takes to reach the stars. He offers his warm energy to his fans in a copious manner. Good vibes, smiles, and a bit of flirtatious vibes resonate throughout the release, offering audiences the opportunity to party.