Beat Happening to Reissue Entire Catalog on Vinyl

Three years ago, Domino Recording Co. released We Are Beat Happening, a vinyl box set that featured remastered versions of all six of the massively influential Olympia, Washington, trio’s records, collected in one release for the first time since 2002’s Crashing Through. Now, Beat Happening have announced individual vinyl reissues of their entire catalog, making 1985’s Beat Happening, 1988’s Jamboree, 1989’s Black Candy, 1991’s Dreamy, 1992’s You Turn Me On, and the 2003 rarities and B-sides compilation Music to Climb the Apple Tree By available as individual LPs for the very first time.

These new vinyl reissues will feature the same remasters as We Are Beat Happening, which Frank Arkwright engineered at Abbey Road Studios. Jamboree, Black Candy, Dreamy, You Turn Me On and Music to Climb the Apple Tree By will be available on standard black vinyl, and Beat Happening as a double LP.

“The legend of Beat Happening, and of K, the label that Calvin Johnson founded, is full of big names they worked with before they were stars (Beck! Modest Mouse! The Gossip!), and big names they influenced (Kurt Cobain! Sleater-Kinney!),” as a press release summarizes. “Less acknowledged, however, is that Bret Lunsford, Heather Lewis and Calvin Johnson created some of the most original and surprising music to come out of the often deliberately weird American punk rock tradition.”

You may have heard Beat Happening’s popular Jamboree single “Indian Summer” on a recent episode of FX’s acclaimed Reservation Dogs.

Watch the band’s “Indian Summer” video below. You can preorder their new vinyl reissues here ahead of their Nov. 11 release.